Student Outreach and Resources (S.O.A.R) is a program designed to serve students who have been diagnosed with a specific learning disability, or similar learning challenge through a licensed school psychologist. This program was launched in August of 2015 and has been successful in helping students build confidence in themselves, as well as improve academically. Currently, we can assist students who are in the 1st through 12th grade.


Accepted students will be engaged and challenged in a general education classroom where accommodation will be made according to the student’s unique needs. Students will also participate in small group sessions or be given one-on-one assistance focused on the student’s individual area of academic and /or social struggle. This extra support can occur inside or outside of the student’s main classroom depending on the specific needs of each individual student.


Our goal is to support each student’s individual needs, help them realize their strengths, and to promote independence through self-confidence.


Each student that will participate in the program will pay a nominal fee per month for the ten-month school year. We are positive that the assistance and attention that they receive from this program is monumental. We believe that this program is a huge asset to GCS, our students and their families.


To learn more information about S.O.A.R. or to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your child’s particular needs, please contact the correct S.O.A.R. teacher. For 6th thru 12th grade, please contact Lori Spurlock at For 1st thru 5th grade, please contact Treva Johnson at Each student will need to go through an interview process with our S.O.A.R. teachers before being accepted into the program.


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Student Testimonials

” The SOAR program has given me the opportunity to succeed more in my classes and has pushed me to try harder.”
- 10th grade student
“This program has helped me stay on track, be better organized and strive for my goals academically.”
- 9th grade student
” SOAR has helped me by letting me have as much time as I need for any tests or quizzes and that has improved my grades.”
- 10th grade student
“SOAR helps me learn and understand the classwork better.”
- 7th grade student
“Going to the SOAR room helps me concentrate when I am having trouble doing that in class.”
- 8th grade student

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