School Policy

Mission and Purpose

The mission of Grace Christian School is to provide the highest quality of education based upon Biblical principles. It is our belief that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God and that salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ who, as God in the flesh, came to die, to be buried, and rise again for our sins. (John 3:16) It is our desire to provide the best Christian education and training for ALL children, for God is not a respecter of persons.

The purpose of Grace Christian School is to assist parents in training their children to be Christ-like. This teaching and nurturing process begins in the home and extends to the church and school. The Christian school, in addition to the home and church, offers a course of study where the process of Christian education can take place.

The foundation of Christian education is the Word of God. The philosophy of Christian education is developed from the Bible and stands against the godless philosophies of humanism, materialism, secularism, and New Age.

The goals of Christian education at Grace Christian School shall be the following:

1. To help every student to be “thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (II Timothy 3:17)

2. To encourage all students to “love the Lord their God with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their mind, and to love their neighbor as themselves.” (Matthew 22:37-39)

3. To give Christ the pre-eminence in all things. (Colossians 1:18)

Christian education is first and foremost the responsibility of Christian parents (Deuteronomy 6:7). Grace Christian School has been established to assist parents to obey God’s command to train their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Students are only admitted when the administration believes that the student and parents are in full support of the purposes and policies of the school. Expressions of dissention or lack of support for the school’s mission, policies, or leadership are grounds for dismissal of any students of a family in which such action occurs.

Grace Christian School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all of the rights, privileges and activities generally accorded or made available to students in the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its academic, admission, scholarship, or athletic policies.  Grace Community Church Inc. is non-discriminatory in every area as to race, color, or national or ethnic origin (Romans 2:11, John 3:16).


ALL STUDENTS are expected to abide by rules set forth by the administration. Attendance at Grace Christian School is considered a privilege and not a right.  Students forfeit this privilege if they do not conform to the standards and ideals set forth by the administration.  The school may insist on the withdrawal of any student that, in the opinion of the administration, does not conform to the spirit of the ministry. 

Students are expected to fulfill a code of conduct whether they are on or off campus.  Students can be disciplined for infractions that happen off the campus of the school (not limited to examples such as smoking, drinking, using illicit drugs etc…).

Absences and Tardies



Students who have unexcused absences will not be able to make-up missed assignments and quizzes.

On the student’s ninth unexcused absence, their grade will be deducted according to the following policies:

One point will be deducted off the final semester average.  An additional point will then be deducted with each additional absence. The eight allowed absences include only unexcused absences. 

Absences are excused for the following reasons: student illness, death in the family, medical or dental appointments, or any other reason excused by the principal BEFORE the absence occurs.

Students will not be allowed to make up an assignment unless an absence is excused.

A note is required for admission to school after any absence.  You can also email: to submit a note to be excused or request permission before an absence.  All notes must contain a reason for the absence.

Pre-arranged absences must be pre-approved by the Administration, unless it is school business.

Make-up work- Students will have two days to complete all make-up work. This is not a per class policy.  It is the student’s responsibility to collect these assignments, and students need to schedule a time (outside of class) with the teacher to make-up tests, quizzes, etc. Students will not be allowed to make up work during class time.

Teachers are instructed to issue zeros for all unexcused absences as it permits to make-up work.

School Business Absences- If a student misses class due to school business (i.e.-athletic event, fine arts event, etc.), he must turn his work into the appropriate teacher on the day of the absence before he/she leaves school.

 It is also the student’s responsibility to get the next day’s assignment from the teacher and have it completed the following day he is back in class.

Exceptions can be made for tests and quizzes per administration. 

Extended Absences- Students who miss three consecutive days must bring in a doctor’s note for an excused absence.  Extended vacations during academic times are strongly discouraged. Any absences from family vacations (including excused/pre-arranged absences) will be subject to our absences policies regarding grade deductions. 

Excessive Absences- A student who is absent more than 25 days during the school year will be required to repeat the entire school year at the same grade level. 

Students absent 20-24 days during the school year may be required to attend summer school or perform additional hours of in school attendance in order acquire the necessary hours for grade promotion or for awarding of academic credit on the high school transcript. (The Administration may waive this requirement only if the student has received approval.)

Tardy:  A student who is tardy to a class more than twice in the quarter, will serve a two hour detention for each tardy they receive in that class. Students will pay $10 to attend the classroom detention, or there is a work detention option  If a student fails to appear for a scheduled detention, they will be suspended from school for one day.

Any middle/high student that has an unexcused tardy and is more than 3 minutes late will receive automatic detention for skipping.

Excused Tardy:  Parents may only excuse their student for four tardies per quarter to homeroom. Each subsequent tardy will be considered unexcused, even if the parent walks the child into the office. A doctor’s note is needed to be considered an excused tardy after 4 in the quarter.

Elementary Tardy: An elementary student may only have four un-excused tardies per quarter. After four tardies, un-excused tardies will accrue a $5 fine for each additional tardy in that quarter.

Address or phone number changes

Address or phone number changes: The office must be advised of any changes in address or in phone, cell phone, and email address.  Emergency phone numbers must be updated in the school office.


After-care: Students who are enrolled in after-care must be picked up by 6PM.  Any student not picked up by 6PM will incur a charge of $1 per minute after 6PM.  That charge must be paid prior to the student attending another day of after-care (it may not be placed on the family account).  It is imperative that students are picked up on time as after-care workers have places to be and families to tend to.

Any student who has not been picked up by 3:30PM will be signed into after-care and the parent will be charged.

Arrival Policies

Arrival Policies: Students who arrive to school before 7:45 (6-12 grades) or 8AM (K4-5th grades) will report to morning care before being released to their classrooms.  Students who arrive more than 10 minutes before the above prescribed times will be considered in morning care and will be charged appropriately.


Athletics: Students who participate on GCS sports teams cannot play a game until the sports fee and uniform fee  for that sport has been paid.  Students who quit a team at GCS may not be eligible to play on future teams at GCS.  All students must turn in uniforms in a timely manner at the end of the season. Lost or damaged uniforms will be replaced by the parent at the replacement cost of the uniform.

Athletic Eligibility: For a student to be eligible to play sports at GCS, the following conditions must be met:

  1. A student must have a 2.0 GPA on the 9 week report card.
  2. A student may not fail ANY class
  3. A student must take a minimum of four major courses

(English, Math, History, Foreign Language, Science)

  1. Previous School Year: A student who failed to pass (4) unit (academic)       subjects the previous school year or did not earn a 2.0 GPA shall be ineligible for interscholastic athletic competition during the first quarter of the school year. 

Background Checks

Background Checks: All parents are asked to do a basic background check this year at no additional cost.  Forms will be given out at Orientation and will be available in the office.  A background check must be done before you can be on campus volunteering in any way.

Bible and Chapel

Bible & Chapel: All students must have a King James Bible with them at school each and every day.  Bibles must be brought to all chapel services.  Chapels are held for elementary on Wednesday mornings and for 6-12 grades on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  There is not a special uniform for chapel.

Car Line

Car Line: In the morning, there are two drop off options.  Option one is to the right of the cones.  If you choose to stay right, you will be in the quick drop off lane. This lane should be used if the student is ready to get out of the car quickly and the car will be pulling away immediately. Please pull as far forward as possible before dropping the student off.  Furthermore, do not let students out of the car if you are not in the un-loading zone. 

Option two is to stay left of the cones and find a parking space.  This option should be used if the parent is entering the building or if the student is not ready to get out of the car. 

Students who drive

Cars…Students who drive: Students must have a valid driver’s license, have a safe driving record and provide proof of insurance to drive to school.  Students must obtain a permit in the school office (each school year).  The permit to drive to school is $25 per year.

Any student who drives reckless will forfeit their right to drive to school. Students will park in the rear of the school. 

Students are to exit their cars immediately upon arrival to school.  Students cannot sit in their cars listening to music etc….Also, students may not return to their cars during the day until the bell rings or permission has been granted for them to leave.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones: Students may bring cell phones to school but they are expected to be in their locker, book bag, or somewhere that is not on their person.  Any student caught using their cell phone during school hours or any student whose phone goes off in class will be suspended for one day from school. Students who have their phones confiscated will require their parent to pick the phone up from the school office.

Students who contact their parents via cell phone during school hours will be punished in the same manner as above.  Cell phones may not be used during school hours to contact anyone.

If a student has an emergency, they must use the office phone to call home.  Students will be suspended even if they are using the phone to text or call parents. Students will be suspended for using the hallway phone without permission.


Cheating: Any student caught cheating on an assignment, test, or exam will be suspended for a period of at least one day. 

Cheating is defined as using or attempting to use unauthorized assistance or advantage in academic work that is submitted as one’s own individual efforts or the giving of such assistance to others and includes the following:

a. Copying homework from another student without specific approval from the teacher.

b. Working with others on any assignment that was given as an independent assignment.

c. Using workbooks and notebooks from a previous year with answers already completed.

d. Having notes or textbooks visible during a test.

e. Giving or receiving information about a test, quiz, or other assignment prior to receiving the assignment or using any technology to send or receive testing information.

f. Glancing at someone else’s test or quiz or allowing someone to look at your paper during a test or quiz.

g. Reading a condensed or Cliff’s note/Spark notes, etc. version of a book and representing that you read the entire book. 

h. Not accurately giving correct information to a teacher about grades and completed work.

i. All forms of cheating will result in disciplinary action from the administration and academic credit will not be given for the work.  Repeated offenses could result in expulsion.

2. Plagiarism:  is defined as literary theft, misrepresentation, and falsification and includes the following:

a. To copy directly, paraphrase, or summarize without clearly marking the source of the information, thoughts or ideas (including electronic based documents, i.e. powerpoint presentations).

b. Plagiarism is prevented when the proper form of documentation is followed.  Items that must be documented are facts, quotations, paraphrases, and summaries. Writing that expresses one’s own thoughts, experiences, or interpretation and is stated in one’s own words do not require documentation. Also, when information is common knowledge or is from a specific text, it does not need citation.  As a standard for proper documentation, GCS will use the MLA format.

c. Inadvertent documentation that allow another’s words and ideas to be mistaken as one’s own is plagiarism.

d. Students should ask for assistance from the teacher when a question of documentation arises.

e. Plagiarism will result in receiving a zero or failing grade on the assignment depending on the extent of the plagiarism and a Saturday school.  Repeated violations could result in expulsion.



Disrespect: Disrespect will not be tolerated from students.  We believe that respecting elders is a fundamental principle that must be taught to our young people.

Demerit System

Demerit System: Grades 6-12 use a demerit system of discipline.  The following guidelines exist for demerit accumulation.

* 15 demerits in one quarter will equal a two hour detention after school.
(see detention)

*25 demerits in one quarter will result in a one day suspension from school.

*50 demerits  will result in two days suspension and warrant a parent conference.

*75 demerits in total at any point in the year will result in expulsion from school.


Detentions: Classroom detention will cost $10 in cash to be paid on arrival. If a student does not show up for detention, they will automatically be suspended the following day.


Demerit Infractions:



After School  - Loitering



25 (possible expulsion)

Campus - leaving without permission


Cell Phone – using during school hours


Chapel – No Bible




Cheating – giving/receiving


Class –  Skipping

              Grooming during class

              Talking without permission



              Touching teacher’s materials

              Throwing items in class

              Using computers without permission 









                      25                                  5-10            


Disobedience - toward teacher


Disrespect - towards teacher or student


Dress –  Not wearing school uniform correctly

              Immodest dress (school, games, events)



Eating – outside of dining hall or outdoor eating areas




Fire Drill – misconduct




Gum – Not allowed in any school building

5 (second offence detention)

Hair – does not conform to school standards                 (students can be denied entrance until the issue is solved)




Internet – posting inappropriate comments or pictures on social media



Lockers – messy, food or drink in lockers


Material-failure to bring books/ learning material to class

               -Bringing inappropriate materials to school



Music – listening to ungodly music on campus


Notes – writing, passing or receiving notes


Profanity – using inappropriate language/swearing


Property – damage or defacing school property

Appear before Vandalism Panel

Ungodly – symbols or words


Unshaven – boys face


Other offenses not listed


*The school administration reserves the right to change, alter, or add to demerits, as it deems necessary.

Any student found to be using drugs, smoking, drinking, or possessing profane materials will be expelled.

A student at GCS may not be married or be an expectant mother or father.

Any parent who seeks to cause problems for the teaching staff or the administration will result in the student being dismissed from school.

Student Dress Code


Students are expected to wear modest clothing to school and all activities and events that involve Grace Christian School.  School uniforms must be worn in their entirety.  All school uniforms must come from Risse Brothers in Tampa, Florida.


Parents and family members are also expected to dress modestly when attending school events.

Parents should assist their students in avoiding fads.  The school may amend this policy at any time and often needs to in order to deal with changing styles, fads, and social pressures. 

PE uniforms: may only be worn on PE days (elementary=one day per week).  Middle/high school students will dress out for PE and are expected to be in uniform each day they have PE.

MASKS: Masks CAN be worn if approved by the parent. They must be in SOLID school or neutral colors. (red/white/navy/black/gray/brown) No designs/Logos etc.








Girls are to wear the school uniform as prescribed below:



Shorts, skorts, jumpers or pants (November-February)…with school shirts.  Skirts and shorts may be no more than 3 inches above the top of the knee. They may wear plain white tennis shoes or navy or black Mary Jane’s. Socks may be solid black, white, or blue.


Shorts, skorts, skirts, or pants (November-February) with school shirts.  Skirts and shorts may be no more than 3 inches above the top of the knee. They may wear either plain white tennis shoes or brown/tan Sperry boat shoes. Socks may be solid black, white, or blue.


Mandatory Uniforms for girls

K4-2nd Grade Girls:

Plaid jumper, White Peter Pan Shirt, Peter Pan shirt,

Navy/Black Mary Jane Shoes w/ white socks

3rd-12th Grade Girls:

Khaki skirt, Girl fit/blue dry-fit shirt, Brown/Tan Sperry


Make-Up: Make-up is allowed on girls in 6th grade and up.  Make-up should be natural looking.  No GOTH make-up is allowed.  Nail polish must be neutral and matching.  No black lipstick or nail polish will be allowed.

Hair: Girls hair may not be faddish or extreme.  Hair should be kept neat and clean.  Girls may not shave their heads or have haircuts that resembles a man’s style.  Girls hair should be one natural color.  If highlights are used they should be natural colors and tastefully done.

Hair Accessories: Girls may wear hair accessories in school colors ONLY. (Red/White/Navy/Black Bows, headbands, clips etc.)

Jewelry:  Girls may wear a class ring and ONE other small ring.  Traditional color watches may be worn.  Girls may not wear necklaces or bracelets. Girls may wear no more than three earrings in each ear. Earrings must be of modest size (small stud, small hoop etc..). Gauges may not be worn.  Only ears may be pierced (no lip, nose, eyebrow rings etc…).



Boy’s Dress:

K4-12th grade boys wear uniform pants or shorts along with school shirts.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Boys may wear plain black tennis shoes or brown/tan Sperry boat shoes. Boys pants and shorts must be worn at the waist. Socks may be solid black, white, or navy. Boys must wear a belt in all pants and shorts that have belt loops.  The belts must be black or brown.



K-12th Grade Boys Mandatory Uniform

Khaki pants, Blue Dry-Fit shirt, Brown/Black Belt,
Solid black tennis shoes


Jewelry: Boys may wear a class ring and a traditional watch.  No other jewelry is acceptable on boys.  Boys may not have their ears pierced (NOTE: Boys may not just not wear earrings, they may not have pierced ears)

Hair: Boys hair must be neat and clean (combed).  Hair should be worn no longer than the bottom of their uniform collar and out of the eyebrow. Boys may not wear faddish hairstyles (mullets, mohawks etc…), color their hair in un-natural colors, or shave lines or designs into their heads.  Boys must be clean shaven every day (student can be asked to shave at school or be sent home). Boys hair may not have stark contrasts where the hair goes from very short to long without being blended.

Dress Down Days: On designated dress down days, students may pay $3 and wear non-uniform clothing.  Clothing should be modest fitting.  Clothing may not have questionable or offensive wording on it.  Pants should be loose fitting. Yoga pants, jeggings, leggings “as pants” cannot be worn to school or school events.  Girl’s shirts may not be low cut.  Any student violating the modesty code will not be admitted to class and will forfeit their right to dress down. Hats and necklaces are not part of the dress down experience. Sleeveless shirts may not be worn on dress down days.  Girls may not have their stomach showing.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol: There is no toleration for any GCS students being involved in drugs or alcohol on or off campus. GCS may perform drug testing on any student at any time at the expense of the parents.

Flag Pledge

Flag Pledge: GCS students will begin their school day with pledges to the American flag, Christian flag, and Bible. Students are expected to demonstrate proper respect for the flags and Bible and will participate in pledges to each by standing and reciting the pledges. 

Formal Occasions

Formal Occasions: All outside dates (students who do not attend GCS) must be approved by the administration.  Girl’s dresses must be approved for all formal events. The dress must be tried on.  A ticket to the event will not be given until the dress has been approved.


The following guidelines will be used in attire for girls at formal events:

i. All dresses must have straps or sleeves.

ii. Dress must lay flat across the bust line (no cleavage should be showing)

iii. The back of the dress may be open to the base of the back. 

iv. Any sheer panels in the front or back of the dress must be lined.

v. Any dress length or slit on the dress should be no more than 2 inches above the top of the knee

vi. Proper undergarments should be worn under dresses; no bra straps should be showing.  (These undergarments should be worn when the dress is brought in for approval).

vii. All two-piece dresses must completely cover the stomach. Girls should be able to raise their arms without stomach showing or the pieces of the dress should be sewn together. 

viii. Students who are out of dress code at a school activity will be subject to disciplinary action.  This may include detentions, suspensions and/or being asked to leave the activity immediately.

Boys must follow the prescribed dress code for the event as announced to the student body (Typically a coat and tie is required). Students attending formal events should be on time and must remain at the event for the duration of the event.

Formals at other schools: The principal will not sign the required documentation for a student to attend another school’s formal if that student did not attend the similar formal event sponsored by GCS.

Extra -Curricular Events

Extra -Curricular Events:  Modest dress is required for all athletic events and other school events.  Short shorts, tight pants, revealing tops are not allowed at GCS events.  Students who arrive dressed inappropriately will be asked to change or leave the event.  Offensive or inappropriate writing on shirts is also unacceptable.


Outerwear: Only GCS outerwear (jackets and sweatshirts) is allowed on uniform days. 


Finances:  The tuition is due on the first of each month.  The first tuition payment is due on August 1 with the final payment on May 1.  Tuition payments are considered late on the 5th of the month and a late fee of $25 will be assessed.  Students attending school are responsible for the entire year’s tuition (whether the student attends one day or the entire school year). ALL MONEY PAID IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

If a family is 2 months late on school payments a recurring cc authorization form will need to be signed.

We will impose a $35 fee for returned checks.

Families who are not current on their tuition at the end of November and again in April will not be able to take their semester and final exams.

Report cards, transcripts, and other academic records will be unavailable to families until all bills have been satisfied.

Field Trips and Fingerprinting

Field Trips: All money for field trips must be paid before a student can go on the trip.  Any parents wishing to attend, may.  However, parents who wish to chaperone a field trip (have charge over children) must have our Live Scan fingerprinting with background check.


Fingerprinting: All parents who desire to volunteer in a manner where they will have direct contact with children, will need to undergo the Live Scan fingerprinting and background check.  Forms can be obtained in the front office.


Forms: All students must have a registration form, current health forms and immunizations, school statement of cooperation, school policy statement, emergency contact cards, social security card, birth certificate, on file before they may attend school.


Graduation:  Graduation from Grace Christian School is a privilege and not a right.  Along with completing the curriculum, students must maintain a standard of ethical and moral behavior.  Students can be denied graduation if they violate this standard. Diplomas will be handed out on the Wednesday after graduation or upon completion of all requirements.

All graduating seniors must attend Baccalaureate Service and the graduation ceremony.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian are determined by student GPA and the student’s Christian conduct.  To qualify for either of these honors, a student may not be a first year senior at GCS

Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality

(1) We believe God has commanded that no intimate sexual activity be engaged outside of marriage between a man and a woman (Hebrews 13:4 and I Corinthians 7:1-4). (2) We believe that any form of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgender identity/lifestyle, self-identification, bestiality, incest, fornication, adultery and pornography are sinful in the sight of God and the church (Genesis 2:24; Leviticus 18:1-30; Romans 1:26-29; I Corinthians 5:1; I Corinthians 6:9; I Thessalonians 4:2-7). Students who are found participating in these lifestyles will be asked to leave the school immediately.

(3) We believe that God created mankind in His image: male (man) and female (woman), sexually different but with equal dignity. Therefore, one’s biological sex must be affirmed and no attempts should be made to physically change, alter, or disagree with one’s biological gender – including, but not limited to, elective sex reassignment, transvestite, transgender, or non-binary gender fluid acts of conduct (Genesis 1:26-28).


Internet: Students will be held accountable for all content including messages, comments, pictures, and any other material that appears on any form of social networking website or messaging feature before, after, or during school (both on and off campus). Unacceptable postings on social media include:

• profane and inappropriate language

• posting of inappropriate song lyrics

• posting of inappropriate images, pictures, graphics, etc. 

• inciting school disharmony

• Liking, re-posting, or sending any inappropriate activity.  

• Videoing or taking pictures of a student/staff/faculty without their expressed consent. 

Students should not access social media during the school day. Content posted should be in keeping with a Christian testimony. Pictures and video should not be taken or posted during school hours. Students who are guilty of posting inappropriate or sexual pictures will be suspended and/or expelled from school.  

Students may not post pictures or videos taken at school to social networking sites without permission.

Make-up work

Make-up work: When a student is excused absent the student will have two days to complete all make-up work (that is work that is assigned when they are absent.  Work that was due on the day they are absent should be turned in on the day that they return). It is the student’s responsibility to collect these assignments, and students need to schedule a time (outside of class) with the teacher to make-up tests, quizzes, etc.

Mandatory Reporting

Mandatory Reporting: All faculty and staff are required to follow established guidelines for suspected child abuse.  This is in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida and established policies and procedures.


Medicine: No medicine will be administered unless we have the proper forms on file in the school office. All medicine should be in the school office.  Students may not take ANY type of medicine on their own on school grounds or while on a school trip.


Patriotism: Grace Christian School has chosen the Patriot as its mascot.  The school teaches the importance of love of country and appreciation for those who have served and continue to serve to defend our precious freedoms.  ALL students MUST recite pledges each and every morning (American Flag, Christian Flag, Bible, 23rd Psalm, The Lord’s Prayer, Apostle’s Creed).


Photos: Grace Christian reserves the right to use any student’s photo in publications, advertising etc…..Students and families at GCS may not publish photos of other students without permission from their families.

Pick-up Time

Pick up Time:  A Student being picked up early from school must be picked up by 2pm or wait until the end of the school day.  No student pick-up is allowed between 2:10-3PM.


Pregnancy: No student may attend Grace Christian School if they are married, pregnant, or an expectant father.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving: Matthew 18 Principle

a. GCS is truly a place for us, as believers, to practice Christian principles.  As a chosen people, we must act initially to be responsive to God’s plan, and secondly to serve as a model for the students. As problems arise, we must handle them in a Godly way.  God's Word declares the way to problem solving.  We can find the formula to relationship problem solving in the 18th chapter of Matthew.  

b. This principle can be exercised in the Christian school and can help maintain strong, serious-minded relationships.  The Bible says:   "Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou has gained thy brother.  But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.  And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church:  but, if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a publican."

c. As children of God, we need not be easily offended or overly sensitive.  When serious problems arise, however, we should be adequately prepared to follow the Matthew 18 principle.  

d. Prayerfully and confidentially, the parties involved need to meet and earnestly seek the mind of the Lord.  After an open and honest discussion, both must be willing to change as the Lord leads.  Most problems are reconciled at this first level. God Himself gives this step first, and with it, he issues the expectation of resolution.  

e. Only if this first step fails should a school problem be furthered to the school administration.

f. Following this distinctive practice establishes the Christian school as an ongoing spiritual exercise.  Please pray for the willful exercise of this principle in this school, knowing that it works, for the spiritual is always practical.

Any parent who threatens a lawsuit will be forced to withdraw their child immediately.

Search and Seizure

Search and Seizure: Grace Christian School and its agents reserve the right to search and seize anything or anybody on the premises.  If necessary, outside authorities can be called in. 

Security & Supervision

Security: The GCS campus is under 24 hour security camera surveillance.  Administration reserves the right to inspect or search lockers, backpacks, purses, student automobiles, iPads, and cell phones. School camera footage cannot be accessed by students or parents without a court order.


Supervision: Students should be under adult supervision at all times.  Students can be disciplined simply for putting themselves in places without adult supervision.


School Dismissal Times

School Dismissal Times: K4 and K5 are dismissed at 2:20PM.  1st thru 5th are dismissed at 3:20.  6th thru 12th grades are dismissed at 3PM.

School Start Times

School Start Times: K4-and K5 begin at 8:45 AM.  1st thru 5th grades begin at 8:30AM and 6th thru 12th grades start at 8:05AM.

Sickness Policy

Sickness Policy:   Students who go home sick from school or stay home from school with a sickness must be free from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours (without medicine) before they can return to school.

       COVID: If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they must stay home until symptoms have resolved,  they are fever free for 24 hours and  5 days have passed since the first sign of symptoms

Study Hall

Study Hall: Students opting for Study Hall in lieu of an academic class will receive neither credit nor a grade. A Study Hall is exclusively for a period of silent study. By design, this time is to be used to complete homework assignments, to complete research and writing projects, and to prepare for quizzes and exams. Study Hall must not be viewed as a break from classes or as a social period. It is designed to help students become academically mature and be able to master the art of time management. Attendance will be taken for study hall, and if a student fails to attend study hall, he/she will be removed to take an academic elective.


Tattoos: Students at GCS may not get tattoos.  If a student already has tattoos and is admitted to school, they will keep them covered during school and any school sponsored event. A student who is admitted and then tattoos themselves will be subject to discipline. 

Touching and Vandalism

Touching (Inappropriate): Students should not be touching one another. This touching includes rough-housing amongst students as well as any romantic type of touching. 


Vandalism: Students who are caught defacing or damaging school property will appear before a panel that will help the student understand the seriousness of this and the panel will decide on the punishment for the student.  Families will be responsible for immediate payment for the cleaning and/or repairing of defaced or damaged school property.


Vacations: Parents are asked to plan vacations during prescribed school vacation days.  Absences for family vacations, fun at the theme park, etc….are not excused. 


Visitors: All non –staff individuals coming on campus must report to the office for a visitor pass.  . Parents cannot go to their child’s classroom without an appointment or authorization to proceed. Please dress appropriately when attending school or auditorium functions. 


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